CIL supported the “Fekra 2.0” contest in Misrata, 13-15 October 2015.

On 13-15 October, the Student Union of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Misrata with Ebda Ogranization organized a contest in its office. CIL supported this initiative by delivering two workshops for the participants.

The “Fekra 2.0 contest” is an event, organized from the second time in Misrata. Its purpose is to encourage youth entrepreneurs and idea-makers to express themselves, and receive trainings in order to support and enhance their ideas to make them more sustainable.


This three day event started with an introduction of all the ideas of the participants. 47 initiatives were introduced, including profit and non-profit projects. At the end of the first day, seven of these ideas were selected by judges. The selected participants had to form teams to work on improving their project, through two days of work, framed by trainers. The selected innovative entrepreneurs received trainings on many topics aimed at improving their skills and projects, such as IT, presentation skills, management, business, etc. Two CIL staff of Misrata organized two of these trainings, focusing on “Business Model Generation” (delivered by TC Officer Safwan Shetwan) and “Presentation skills” (delivered by TC Manager Khadija Alsharif).

At the end of the event, the 7 projects were once again presented to the judges who selected the best three teams, in the presence of many businessmen and authority representatives. They received gifts and were offered to participate in further trainings organized by present organizations.

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