How can I get the application forms?

Nothing is easier than getting the application form. You have 4 options:

  • Download the application form here (hyperlink website page)
  • Download it from our Facebook page here (https://www.facebook.com/Civil.In.Libya/?fref=nf)
  • You can get it from the closest CIL center where the Manager will give you the form. To contact your local CIL center, go to the contact page.
  • You can always ask us by mail at contact@cil.org.ly

Can the CSO keep any equipment it purchases as an asset in the project, after it is finished?

Assets can be paid through the program as long as they are necessary to its implementation. At the end of the project, such assets will then be transferred to the CSO, as per EU/SIDA rules.

Is it possible to use CIL resource centers to host any of the program activities?

Of course, all our resource centers are available to help through the implementation of your activities, be they workshops, meetings, trainings, etc. Do not hesitate to mention it in your proposal.

What are the purchasing procedures, if my project got accepted ?

Once your project is accepted, a grant manager will explain to you the details of the procedures and will accompany you throughout its entire implementation.

In short, ACTED remains in charge of the funds and most of the logistics behind a purchase. The CSO is asked to fill a simple document per purchase (order form) and to gather 4 quotations to compare the prices of the market. Variations of these procedures may occur depending on the type of purchase (service, asset, etc).

In case of advances, the CSO must comply to a few additional requirements.

Can I write the project in Arabic?

Absolutely, although the review may take a bit longer than for proposals sent in English.

What is the limit to implement a project?

The projects must be completed before May 31st 2016.

When is the submission deadline?

There is no deadline, project proposals are evaluated and accepted on a rolling basis. However, applicants must take into consideration in their proposal that the limit for the implementation of projects is 31st May 2016.

If my project was rejected, will I receive an explanation?

Yes, it is very important to us that each CSO receives a feedback after its proposal. If the proposal is rejected, an email will be sent to the applicant to explain the reasons behind the rejection and to suggest modifications to improve it.

What are the rating criteria? And if the project receives a low grade, will the applier be contacted to adjust their proposal?

The criteria to be rated are:

  • The quality of the activities suggested
  • The respect of the objectives of CIL
  • The relevance and adequacy of the activities, the budget and the timeframe.

If the project is in line with the objectives of CIL, but has weaknesses regarding the two other aspects of its project, then the applicant will receive a feedback with advices to adjust and improve its proposal.

What is the maximum amount of the grant?

The maximum budget for each project should not exceed 15,000 EUR.
However, applicants may suggest activities exceeding this amount, in which case the additional costs will be carefully analyzed by the evaluation committee who may refuse or accept this with justification.

How long will it take to receive an answer on my proposal?

CIL commits to send a feedback within a month after receiving the proposal. This delay may be exceeded if the proposal is received in Arabic.

Can the CSO apply for a different project after it is done with implementing one?

No, only one project per CSO can be funded.

Can the project have many partners?

Yes, but only one lead CSO will be signing the contract and be coordinating with us.

Can the project be implemented outside of Tripoli?

Absolutely, the only geographical limit is that all activities take place in Libya. Activities can take place outside of the cities in which we are currently present.
The CSO must take into account the accessibility of the area in which it wishes to implement the activities when drafting the project proposal.

In some case of implementing a project in remote areas, if it is not possible to collect a number of 4 quotations for a service, is there a different procedure?

The normal number of quotations required for any service/purchase is 4. If the CSO faces difficulty in gathering the 4 quotations for one purchase, it can consult with the CIL team in order to find an alternative. This can be discussed on a case by case basis, and should remain an exception.

In case that the prices listed in the budget change due to market fluctuations, is it possible to amend the prices then?

CSOs can ask for amendments to their project, including the budget, by sending an official letter to CIL, which will be reviewed by the team. Thus, it is possible to change the budget if market prices evolve a lot. However, the CSO must take into account the existing market price before establishing its budget in order to avoid surprises as much as possible.

Can we apply a project for training courses in different fields such as “PCM, IT, etc.”

It is possible indeed, but CSOs are encouraged to complement trainings with additional relevant activities. If the CSO wishes to organize trainings in Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata or Sabha, another possibility is to get in touch with the Manager of the relevant center in order to organize such trainings in the Resource Center.

Is it compulsory that all beneficiaries be members of the civil society?

Although the projects must be submitted by a CSO, the beneficiaries of the project can be any anyone!

Is it possible to receive a certificate by CIL upon closing the project?

No, CIL does not provide a certificate at the end of a project.