How to apply

How to apply

Call for Proposals for Community Stabilization Projects in Benghazi


LibAid and CCS  in cooperation with The civil initiative of Libya are going to conduct a call for proposal targeting CSO’s to carry out small projects that will help in stabilizing the community for the returned IDP’s. A small grant will be offered to selected proposals.

Criteria for organizations:

  • Organizations must be registered in the civil society commission with an updated renewal for 2017, or promise to register before applying for the grant (organizations are fast tracked if applying for the grant)
  • Organizations should have a proven ability or mandate to mobilize volunteers and involve the local community in the project implementation and local councils
  • New organizations are allowed, but must provide CVs/reference letters of past work (new organization would be before April), but must have been established before 21/04/2017
  • Organization vision/mandate must be in line with the project they want to implement
  • Organizations should also present their financial documents/bylaws (need a letter from the CCS saying that everything is fine with this document)
  • Application to open to all organizations

Types of targeted projects according to the priority needs for each district:

Based on the output of the two workshops and the field visits to the liberated areas, the following table shows the priority needs of each area which could be targeted by the SCO’s







Mine awareness Environmental support Removing

remnants of war

psychosocial support electricity Water tanks and pumps public services rehabilitation Friendly space and green areas Technical engineering tests Sanitation


Note: this table could be used as a reference for proposal writing.

Criteria for projects:

  • The project must be implemented in a liberated district. If this criteria is not met, the project will be disqualified
  • Six months maximum for the time frame for project implementation. If this criteria is not met, the project will be disqualified


Evaluation criterias:

  • Operational capacity (20 points)
    • The applicant and affiliated entity(ies) should have sufficient experience of project management (10 points)
    • The applicant and affiliated entity(ies) should have sufficient technical expertise to deal with the issue the project aims to address (10 points)
  • Relevance (20 points)
    • The project must relevant to the priority needs of the liberated districts (see above) (10 points)The problem that the project aims to address should be significant and well described (10 points)
  • Effectiveness and Feasibility (30 points)
    • Activities should be appropriate and feasible to achieve the objectives of the project. Projects must have a quick impact on the area and beneficiaries (10 points)
    • The activities should be clearly described (10 points)
    • The action plan should be clear and feasible
  • Sustainability (10 points)
    • The project should have a tangible impact on its target groups and final beneficiaries. The bigger the scope and impact of the project, the higher the priority for the project selected (5 points)
    • The project should contain value-added elements (gender equality, environmentalism, social equality, etc.) (5 points)
  • Budget (20 points)
    • Costs of the activities should be appropriately reflected in the budget (10 points)
    • The planned costs should be realistic and necessary to achieve the objectives of the project (10 points)

TOTAL: 100 points

Grant amount:

  • Grant limit : 7,000 – 25,000 EUR that will be exchanged into LYD according to the bank rate on month and day.
  • Number of awards anticipated: 8 to 12

Application mechanism:

The grant will be paid in three installments. The first installment will be 40% of the total awarded grant. After all supporting documents for the first installment are provided; the next installment of 40% will be given. When the supporting documents for the second installment are provided, the final installment of 20% will be given.

Human resources should not make up more than 15% of the total grant amount.

Co-funding is permitted as long as it’s within a legal framework (the co=funding must not exceed 30%)

Methodology of applying:

  • The proposals will be received from the date of launching this call till the end of September.
  • The proposals will be received in both soft and hard copy. The soft copy must be sent to and the hard copy will be sealed in an envelope and delivered to the CCS office located in Beloun area.
  • The name of the applied organization must be written outside the envelope only and it must not be mentioned in the proposal itself.
  • DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: September 30, 2017

For further inquires, please email