Civil Initiatives Libya Commemorates International Youth Day 2016

International Youth Day

Youth comprise one of the most dynamic and vital component of any society worldwide. In order to celebrate the role and accomplishments of young people, August 12th has been designated by the United Nations General Assembly as International Youth Day.

The theme this year is “The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production”, which focuses on achieving the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We asked Libyans on Facebook to share their thoughts on what they believe the role of youth should be in combating poverty and promoting sustainable development.

“Their role should start by first believing in themselves…and the priority in Libya for sustainable development should be the education sector,” commented Abubaker Zarrug. Libyan trainer Ryad Abomtary added that, “It’s very important for Libyan youth to work on SMEs, if we hope to promote sustainable development.” “The biggest role for Libyan youth,” wrote Haithem Lama, “is to unite all of Libya.”


This potential – to drive and create unity in Libya – is an important element in the scope of Civil Initiatives Libya’s goals. By working with young activists and youth organizations across the country, Civil Initiatives Libya strives to empower and strengthen the role that youth play in Libya societies.

In this spirit, Civil Initiatives Libya collaborated and cooperated with youth activists and organizations across Libya to celebrate International Youth Day. In Tripoli, we participated in Rawahil Foundation’s Youth Day session, which involved discussion sessions and contests, while in Misrata we participated in a celebration with Ebda’ organization. In Benghazi, CIL collaborated with Bena organization in a Youth Day event that highlighted youth creativity and innovation by allowing young people to present their initiatives and ideas.

youth day

In Sebha, Civil Initiatives Libya brought together the city’s youth organizations to commemorate this day. Under the slogan “We Are Here”, the participating organizations were Fezzan Libya Group , National Caucus Fezzan, Southern Women Union , the Sebha Debate Club, Alshaikh Altaher organization/Sebha , Manarat Alhoudairi, Aljadeed Youth Association for Voluntary Work, Aqed Alshahama for Horse Riding, Youth and Sports Association/Sebha, Aljadeed Boy Scouts, Alsaafa company for traditional industries, Sebha Alkhair Project, Sebha University Student Union, Om Almo’meneen Organization for Women and Children’s rights and 63% Youth Organization. The event consisted of art and photography galleries that showed off youth skills and a series of debates on key issues affecting youth in Southern Libya, along with several other activities that revolved around art, sports, culture and entertainment.

Throughout these events, CIL strove to amplify the message unity between youth across Libya, and reiterate our committment to them.

For more information on our International Youth Day celebrations, or to participate in future CIL events, you can contact us at

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