Resource centers

Resource centers


The Tripoli training centre acts as a training and capacity building hub for the Western Region, and has implemented a training of trainers programme aimed at establishing a pool of national experts to deliver trainings throughout this region. The centre also focuses on local economic development and planning. Located in Ben Ashour neighbourhood, its central location ensures that it is accessible to CSOs both from across Tripoli and from further afield.


The CIL Benghazi Training Centre acts as the hub for the Eastern Region of Libya. Upon establishment CIL ran a training of trainers programme on Project Cycle Management (PCM) designed to establish a pool of qualified Libyan trainers with the capacity to deliver trainings on PCM throughout the Eastern Region. In addition to this the Benghazi Training Centre focuses on facilitating strong local economic development, regional outreach, and establishing links with CSOs in the Green Mountains and Ajdabyia.


The Misrata training centre focuses on support to local organisations, linkages to other regions, and outreach to rural areas within the region. CIL has built upon strong local links to ensure that the Misrata Training Centre is not only well known within the city, but also that as many CSOs as possible are able to make use of the facilities, which include a large training room.


Since September 2012, CIL Sabha Training Centre is the regional hub for the South-West of Libya, and has opened in September 2012. Trainings and workshops are delivered on a regular basis, and the CIL team works on strengthening links with other towns & cities in Southern Libya. Fezzan is a particularly important focus for the CIL project due to the traditional marginalisation of the region.