University seminar

University seminar

ACTED Libya aims at involving Libyan universities, which are stable institutional interlocutors, in a discussion together with international academics and experts.
Therefore, a 3 days seminar will be organized in Tunis gathering academics from different Libyan universities together with counterparts coming from international schools and universities.

Libyan universities are local key actors in the current transition. They present the advantages of being unique public institutions with an acute knowledge of the specificities of their local context and a window on international exchanges.

On the one hand, the crisis impact on universities can be measured in terms of insecurity, financial constraints, obstacles to conduct research, international isolation (i.e. movement restrictions to attend conferences…), disruption of programs, pressure on academic freedom, difficult dialogue due to societal fractures…
But on the other hand, Higher Education remains probably one of the country’s most advanced institutional capacities sector. In times of institutional fragility, universities prove to be crucial actors for they represent both a unique pool of expertise and an element of stability and continuity but they also detain a great leverage vis-à-vis the youth.
Thus, it appears interesting to address universities situation as they have the potential to contribute towards more effective transition in the area of democratisation, state building and civil society development.

The objectives are to encourage networking between actors concerned with Libyan issues, to be an arena for critical analysis, information and experiences exchange, to provide a chance to the participants to discuss their involvement as crucial actors for sustainable and inclusive development, especially with regards to their specific impact on territorial management through the cooperation with local authorities, to discuss about international cooperation in a volatile environment…

Proceedings of the seminar will be published.