Women’s Networking event in Benghazi

Networking: a tool to improve coordination between local CSOs.

On February 4th he Benghazi Resource Center, organized a networking event gathering 26 women, all members and activists from local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). The main purpose of the event was to allow CSOs in the Benghazi area to establish new relations and build new partnerships.

The event started with a roundtable allowing the participants to share their opinions on the challenges CSOs meet and how to overcome them. Activists recognized that some of the issues undermining the work and credibility of CSOs were related to their internal organizational shortcomings and lack of experience, as well as to the lack of communication, coordination and cooperation with each other.

This networking session was thus conceived as an opportunity for CSOs to brainstorm new ways to improve their capabilities through cooperation and teamwork. They notably came up with the following solutions:
– Improve participation mechanisms in decision-making within organizations.
– Increase coordination and cooperation between CSOs to be stronger in the face of economic, political, social and cultural challenges
– Organize lobbying campaigns to influence policy-makers on economic and social issues.

The participants have thus proposed to create a framework to enhance coordination between locally active CSOs and NGOs. This coordination framework would be a tool to encourage them to share tools and methods, information and experience through regular meetings and the organization of joint activities. The platform would also create and communicate a common message crystallizing their long-term objective to support their community’s economic and social needs.

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